Tick-Tock of a Small Victory: In Which One Robert Millar Makes Good, Brings Winooski Into Yankee Town Meeting Day Push

January 12, 2010; Sen. Philip Baruth; Vermont Daily Briefing

One of the most beautiful things about politics is the way it often depends on individuals, pushing on key issues at key moments. You might remember that a while back, Newfane activist Dan DeWalt announced another Town Meeting Day push on whether to decommission the Vermont Yankee plant. Now, of course that general push depends on specific individuals in given towns finding a way to place the question on their own town’s Town Meeting Day agenda.

Who would these specific individuals be? DeWalt had no real way of knowing. Like a Quaker meeting, those who speak up are those who are so moved.

Enter one Robert Millar of Winooski.

Robert is an early supporter of my Senate campaign, and a stalwart in every category. He called last week to say that he was having some trouble navigating City Hall in Winooski; it was unclear whether the VY question needed to be introduced with signed petitions, or whether it could be put on the ballot with a simple majority vote of the Winooski City Council. Robert had asked the Town Clerk to forward the issue to the Council, but it wasn’t clear if that would or could happen.

And so the two of us made plans to go door to door in Winooski, to hunt up the necessary signatures.

Read the whole article >>

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